Traditionally regarded as a center for steel and iron production, Northeastern Ohio is actually a setting of business and industrial diversity that includes a "who's who" of corporations and household brand names. Names such as BP America, Timken, Hoover, Firestone/Bridgestone, Eaton, American Greetings, Sherwin Williams, Little Tikes, Smucker, Goodyear, Rubbermaid, TRW, Goodrich, Revco, NASA, Telxon, National City Corporation, and many, many more.

Cleveland remains strong in automobile and steel production, but an increasing percentage of its manufacturing employment continues to shift into more technological, service-oriented industries. Akron, too, is a world leader in research and development, most specifically for polymers and liquid crystals. This diversification is a significant denominator separating Northeastern Ohio from other manufacturing areas where industry accounts for 40 percent of the total employment

Northeastern Ohio is concentrated with manufacturing activity, but it is not dependent on any single industry and that quality, alone, buffers the area from up and down trends in the national economy and also provides varied and numerous avenues of employment.

Emphasis on the production of steel, iron ore, rubber, tires, chemicals, plastics, machine tools, automobiles, paints, petroleum and other products has made Northeastern Ohio one of the country's top ranking corporate headquarters locations, a nationally ranked research and development center, one of America's key industrial markets and distribution centers, and a major world port touching the south shore of Lake Erie.

In addition to the manufacturing side of industry, Northeastern Ohio's vast enterprise network includes the biomedical instrumentation industry, the research and development of rubber, petroleum, energy, plastics, medicine, etc. Moreover, Cleveland is recognized nationally for such services as law, accounting, banking, finance, graphic arts, advertising and data processing.