Northeastern Ohio has gained world recognition as a center of medical talent, research and patient care. The renowned Cleveland Clinic is where the artificial kidney was born, and is host to open-heart surgery patients from more than 30 countries. Moreover, there is no finer place for the treatment of cancer, heart and kidney disease.

The area is complemented by over 50 hospitals with specialists tailored to treat Northeastern Ohio's health care needs. Local doctors and facilities are recognized for their innovative and contemporary treatment of corneal transplants, geriatrics, infant disorders, high-risk pregnancy, burns, strokes, kidney disease and the complete cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

University Hospital is noted for its hemophilia detection program, cancer investigations, specialized heart treatment and an electronic system for lung study. Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital is devoted exclusively to the care of infants, children and adolescents, as well as pediatric research.

Furthermore, one of the first aortic heart valve transplants, the establishment of one of the first cardiovascular laboratories and refinements in the heart-lung machine currently in use throughout the world are all attributed to Cleveland's St. Vincent Charity Hospital.

And if your interests are at the other end of the stethoscope, Northeastern Ohio has impressive credentials in the areas of medical research and education.

Case Western Reserve University's Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing are regarded as superior training centers for health care professionals and medical research worldwide. Furthermore, the Northeast Ohio School of Medicine is a consortium of three area universities and 17 hospitals serving Akron, Canton and Youngstown. The Ohio College of Pediatric Medicine in Cleveland is one of seven such institutions in the nation devoted exclusively to pediatric health care.

So whether a recipient or an administrator, medical services throughout Northeastern Ohio are among the finest in the world. And that's nice to know ... even when you're feeling great.