Northeastern Ohio is a celebration of spirit, where the vibrancy of big cities blends with the charm of small towns.

Quality of life is unparalleled. Comprised of the greater Cleveland, Akron and Canton metropolitan areas, Northeastern Ohio equals or surpasses most other markets in business vitality and growth as well as quality of life and leisure activities.

Our nation's corporate leaders have long talked about Northeastern Ohio's unusual industrial diversification, ranging from medical research to manufacturing let turbine blades, which has made the area a top-ranked corporate headquarters location and provided a wide range of secure jobs for area residents.

An example of the diverse offerings in Northeastern Ohio is that a substantial share of all the polymer research in the nation is conducted within an area that has come to be known as the "Polymer Valley," extending from Akron to Cleveland, yet Cleveland is recognized as the nation's most diversified producer of durable goods.

Northeastern Ohio, too, has earned its place in professional sports. The area's professional teams have fans screaming with joy when the Indians win a game with an eleventh inning home run and sitting in disbelief when the Cavaliers lose a close game on a pre-buzzer jump shot from 30-feet out.

Area residents are quick to boast about cultural, intellectual and entertainment offerings flourishing throughout Northeastern Ohio ... many of which rank among the finest anywhere.

The recent additions of the Gateway Sports Complex, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and the Great Lakes Science Center mean that there is even more to love about this diverse and thriving area. The generous array of museums to visit, orchestras to hear, Broadway plays and repertory to amuse and restaurants to tantalize and enjoy can stimulate the intellectual and cultural senses or an individual for a lifetime.

Students and educators alike are proud of Northeastern Ohio's innovative and nationally-acclaimed colleges and universities. The area is also a leading center for medical research, education and technology and is recognized for its unparalleled medical advances born at the Cleveland Clinic concerning heart and kidney disease, the central nervous system and cancer.

But, perhaps the best news about Northeastern Ohio is that its myriad of entertainment, cultural and intellectual offerings are held together with small town friendliness ... which make the area an ideal place to work, play and raise a family.